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Bonus Episode: Museum People LIVE!

November 19, 2016

Bonus Episode: Museum People LIVE!

Join the fun with Marieke and Dan at the 98th Annual NEMA Conference, where Museum People took center stage in a live podcast session on Veteran’s Day, 2016. This special episode features an in-depth panel discussion with three museum professionals who are also veterans (Terry Dickinson of the Newport Mansions, Ted Gaffney of Florence Griswold Museum, and Van Shields of Berkshire Museum), discussing service, leadership, and how museums compare with the military. Adding to the excitement is a raffle drawing for a Museum People interview, won by Chuck Clark of Castle in the Clouds, and questions from the live studio audience. And of course there’s the usual assortment of person on the street interviews and witty banter between the co-hosts.


01:45     Person on the Street interviews
10:30     Panel discussion with military veterans
45:25     “Raffle” interview

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